The Importance of Moisture and Fresh Whole Foods in Your Pets Diet

Did You Know?
Your Dog or Cat needs about 70-80% moisture in their daily diet.  Most kibble ranges from about 7-10% moisture. This leaves most pets who are fed exclusively kibble chronically dehydrated. The solution? Adding a food topper of some sort can make a huge difference! Fresh meats, fruits or vegetables are a great start along with broths, commercially made frozen raw foods and canned foods. Doing this on a daily basis can significantly improve your pets quality and even quantity of life.
This feeding method has even been proven to significantly lower the chances of cancer in pets! Moisture and fresh whole foods are so essential to all life and our carnivore friends just don’t absorb water as well from the tap as they do from the fresh foods they consume.
So, ask us how to incorporate more moisture and fresh foods the next time you’re at Green Pawz Pet Supply!
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