New items!

At Green Pawz Pet Supply we are continuously bringing in new items, especially when we are phasing out other products.  We like to make sure there is always something for everyone and try to keep all those furry family members happy and healthy.  We are going to give a little preview of some new items we are carrying and will soon be carrying.

New foods to look for:

-Petcurean brand GO! and Now Fresh…NOW AVAILABLE!

-Lotus brand canned dog and cat food…NOW AVAILABLE!

-Evangers brand Signature series canned dog and cat food…NOW AVAILABLE!

-Zignature brand Kangaroo canned and dry dog food…NOW AVAILABLE!

-Nature’s Logic brand dry and canned diets for dogs and cats….COMING IN SEPTEMBER 2015

-RedBarn brand canned dog food….COMING SOON.


New treats to look for:

-Spot Farms brand Turkey and Chicken treats for dogs…NOW AVAILABLE!

-Primal brand “Nibs”, “Munchies”, “Snaps” and “Chips” for dogs and cats….NOW AVAILABLE!

-Etta Says brand “Little Bitz”, “Yumms”, Jerky and Chews for dogs and cats…NOW AVAILABLE!

-Sojos brand Simply Lamb, Simply Turkey and Simply Beef treats for dogs and cats…NOW AVAILABLE!

-Earth Animal brand “No-Hide” Chicken Rawhide Chews for dogs…NOW AVAILABLE!

Try one of these new foods or treats for your dog or cat today! Variety in the diet is essential and trying one of these will offer that extra switch your dog or cat has been craving! Hope to see you soon here at Green Pawz Pet Supply where we love keeping your furry family healthy and happy!

Have questions? Please feel free to ask us! Call, email, contact us via Facebook or come on by! We are always here to assist you.

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