Do You Know What’s Really In Your “Safe” Pest Control?


The Michigan weather has finally took a turn for the better.  With that burst of sunshine and warmth, comes the hatching of billions of new insects, many of which can be harmful to you and your pets.  Some (like ticks) can even spread disease. Most of the commercially made insect repellents and killers available on the market consist of harmful chemicals, pesticides and toxins. Some even say they are “Natural” and are far from it.  These products come in drops, sprays, shampoos, powders, you name it and most are absorbed through the skin one way or another.  This constant exposure to the skin can be extremely harmful to you and your pets if used on a regular basis.  With most products recommending year long and 24/7 use…this can lead to many harsh toxins constantly being introduced into you and your pets body.  Over time this can have extremely harmful effects. Which is bad, bad and bad.

Want to know more about what is in most repellents? CLICK HERE

What most people don’t know, is that these sort of products are NOT their only effective option.  In fact, with so many people becoming more health conscious for not just themselves and their families but also their pets, many companies have listened and have created safe, natural and effective insect repellents and killers.

Companies like Wondercide  have created some pretty awesome products to keep you and your pets protected against; Fleas, Ticks, Mites, Mosquitoes, Ants, Chiggers, Flies, No-see-ums and more without using any harmful ingredients.


  • Replaces pesticide flea & tick drops, pills, powders, bombs and dips
  • Recommended by holistic veterinarians
  • Safe for pets of all ages and nursing mothers
  • Kills fleas, eggs, larvae & pupae on pets and bedding
  • Child-safe
  • Repellent & contact kill
  • Human food-grade ingredients
  • Natural & organic

The active ingredient in Wondercide Flea & Tick products is cedar oil, which has been used for centuries to protect from pests.  Cedar oil works by blocking octopamine, which is necessary to regulate heart rate, movement, and metabolism in “bad bugs” like fleas and ticks. When cedar oil is present in the area, pests are repelled. When contacted by cedar oil, pests die.

GREEN PAWZ PET SUPPLY  carries WONDERCIDE and highly recommends it.  Protect you and your pets today! Come by and talk to us about getting Wondercide for your home 🙂

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