Let’s talk about a very important aspect of your pets diet-MOISTURE!


All mammals need a high moisture diet. Dogs and cats evolved on fresh food and prey that was more than 70% moisture. Moisture content not only improves digestion but it also supports healthy organ function. Feeding our pets a diet of solely dry kibble, while balanced and convenient, can lead to dehydration and health issues. Providing lots of fresh water is important but is not enough.

Here at Green Pawz Pet Supply, we offer a variety of high quality kibble options, however, we believe these dry foods should not be the pets sole diet. Table scraps? Yes! You should provide your dog with real, fresh foods. Making vegetables for dinner? Make a little extra for fido! Top kibble with some canned food. Maybe venture into raw food options, even if it’s only for a couple of meals a week. Some fresh, wholes foods is better than none.

Cats being strict carnivores, can benefit in so many ways from a raw diet. Cats, by nature, are not big water drinkers. Cats fed only dry food cannot compensate for the lack of moisture in their diet. This can lead to many issues including; diabetes, kidney disease, urinary problems, hairballs and dental disease.

Don’t want to feed raw food? Canned food is a great alternative! Green Pawz Pet Supply carries a large selection of both raw and canned foods. With a little thought into our pets diets, we can provide them with years of of health! A healthy pet is a happy pet!

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