Tips For Safe Summertime Play


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The warm weather has finally come and seems to be here to stay. It’s a great time to get outdoors and play. You and your furry friends can take advantage of these warm sunny days to have fun outside. But make sure to take some of these tips into consideration to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy during the warmer months of play.


1. Know the details. Keep in mind not all breeds are built for the heat. Breeds like Boxers, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs and the like aren’t able to pant as  efficiently with those smushy faces. Because of that these breeds are more likely to overheat.

2. Beat the sun. Our pets are smarter than we usually give them credit for and often seek out the cool spots in the house or outdoors without being told. If it’s a hotter day, they may be willing to go along with you wherever…But be mindful of the heat and take breaks in the shade. Another way is to go out earlier in the day or later in the evening when the sun isn’t as intense.

3. Mind the heat. Our pets don’t wear shoes and won’t always let us know when the pavement is too hot. Their paws can easily be burned by the hot cement so be aware of where you walk. Your best bet is having them walk on the grass during the hottest parts of the day. If you can’t avoid pavement on your route then wait for a cooler part of the day to avoid burns.

4. Stay at home. Sometimes even when Fido or Fifi really wants to tag along they are better off staying at home. Some days are just too hot for our furry friends. Especially if you are running errands and they have to be in the car. Never leave your pet unattended in a hot vehicle. Even short runs into the store can cause a car to heat up quickly, causing a pet to overheat and get hyperthermia.

5. H2O wherever we go. It’s always a good thing for you and your pet alike to have water ready and on hand. Using a “water rover” or collapsible bowl can make sharing water with your pet easy so they stay hydrated.

6. To trim or not to trim. There have been many opinions on dog and cat coats and whether shaving them in the hotter months is helpful. Trimming a long haired animal is helpful but often shaving them completely, can actually make matters worse. Our pets fur is for more than warmth, it also protects them from sun burning and insulating them from the heat. So, usually it’s best to leave their coat alone 🙂

We hope these tips can help you and your pets stay safe and have a fun summer!

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